Keep Your Toilet Clean & Sanitary!

What’s wet, yellow, and belongs INSIDE a toilet (but doesn’t always end up in there?). I think you know the answer.
We know you are busy. The last thing you want to do is spend your precious time cleaning up urine stains in the bathroom! Gross!
So, say goodbye to those little yellow puddles and streaks (and smells); and say hello to your new best friend-The Potty Protector!

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The Perfect Tool For Boys of All Ages!

Boys of all ages miss their “mark” from time to time and overspray.

The Potty Protector is a plastic shield that fits easily on your toilet to protect your porcelain and its surrounding areas (especially the back); leaving you with a fresh and clean surface every time you need to go.
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” We LOVE our Potty Protector! I am thrilled to have found a product that helps keep urine in the toilet, instead of around it! “

-Laura H.-

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Fits nearly any toilet & is easy to remove!

Make sure all your toilets are protected, pick up one for each bathroom. 

Do you own your own daycare or run an in home child care facility? If so, you definitely need the Potty Protector to shield splashes. It is also very useful if you operate a retirement home or nursing home facility.
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For just $24.95, say goodbye to unsanitary and smelly puddles and welcome a light weight and flexible toilet device into your life-The Potty Protector.
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