about usChris and I are parents of 5 boys. Chris came up with the Potty Protector idea after hearing me complain NUMEROUS times while cleaning around the toilet or even just walking into the bathroom wondering how in the world it could still smell like urine when I just cleaned it. It went a little something like this:

How is it that I can teach our boys how to use the toilet and still urine is everywhere?

This is so gross! How does it spray all down the side of my cabinet and wall?

Honey! you are going to have to replace the baseboards!

The hinges on the toilet seat are caked in urine, we need a new toilet seat!

I just sat in pee AGAIN!

We have a wide range of boys in our home from 17 years old to 5 years old. Definitely my 5 year old was the biggest problem, especially if he got up to go in the middle of the night. I started putting towels around the base of the toilet so that if he got up it wouldn’t seep under the baseboards and make them swell. My older boys are a little better, but still over spray managed to get everywhere. I was so excited when my husband came up with the Potty Protector idea! He made the first one by hand and it saved me so much time and my bathroom stayed so clean! No more towels on the floor at night! I slept soundly know that the Potty Protector would shield my sleepy 5 year olds aim! Soon after friends and family would see or hear about it and wanted chris to make them one! So we took a leap of faith and decided to have them made professionally and sell them! We hope that you love it! And that it saves your bathroom and your time like it does for me!

Cindy Covington