What is the Potty Protector made out of?

The Potty Protector was designed using a thick durable plastic called High Density Poly Ethylene.  This means it will shed liquid as it dries without absorbing odor so you can look forward to the Potty Protector staying virtually spotless and odor free between cleanings!

How is the Potty Protector installed?

No tools or assembly are required.  Simply lift the toilet seat and place the Potty Protector on top of the toilet bowl.  With its flexible design the Potty Protector will adjust to all toilet shapes and sizes.

How does the Potty Protector work?

The Potty Protector is a shield that rests snuggly on top of the toilet bowl.  With the Potty Protector you can say good-bye to urine stained toilet seats, hinges, walls, cabinets, floors and baseboards surrounding your toilet due to poor aim and overspray.

How do I clean the Potty Protector?

Cleaning the Potty Protector is EASY: simply rinse with hot water or clean with a disinfecting wipe when needed.  Frequent cleaning is unnecessary due to its virtually spotless drying potential.

Will the Potty Protector fit my toilet?

Yes!  With its flexible design the Potty Protector will adjust to fit properly on all toilets regardless of shape or size.

What is the best way to store the Potty Protector when not in use?

Most owners like the Potty Protector in place ready to do its job.  At other times it is easily placed in a nearby tub/shower or stored under the sink.  Because it dries quickly the Potty Protector can also be placed on the floor without any added mess.

Does the Potty Protector work for older boys?

YES!  The Potty Protector works for all ages and stages.  If you’re tired of cleaning bathrooms that smell like urine this is your solution!  The results are undeniable!

What is the return policy?

The Potty Protector is guaranteed!  If you are not satisfied simply return the product within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. (shipping not included)