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The Potty Protector is more than a shield for your toilet: it's a time-saver for Mom! Say good-bye to urine stains and over-spray on those hard to clean bathroom surfaces surrounding your toilet.

• It fits every toilet size & shape.

• It stops urine over-spray from getting on your toilet & floor.

• You can install it and remove it in seconds.

• It is infused with a slip agent so it dries in seconds.

• It has a sanitary handle in the back.

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The Perfect Urine Shield for Boys of All Ages!

Cut down on cleaning, stop being embarrassed when company uses your restroom, and eliminate odors that hang around and even penetrate into your bathroom floors! Whether you purchase it for yourself, for family members, or clients; one thing’s for sure-all potties will be protected!

The Potty Protector is the new, must have device for any household or private facility that has boys or men inside it. Stop potty abuse by using this shield to stop the splashing and spraying of urine.

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The #1 Rated Toilet Splash Guard Online!

5 star

Benefits of the Potty Protector include:

• Fast and Easy Removal – if you’re potty training, you can move it quickly to and from any toilet in your home; you can even travel with it.

• Effective – no splashes behind or on the sides of the bowl any longer.

• One Piece Design – no attachments or hardware are needed, simply place it and pee.

• Sanitary – Once it gets splashed, it dries in mere minutes and never stains or smells.

• Confidence Builder – aging but less agile men can use it with ease and without making an embarrassing mess.

• Affordable – a durable and helpful item for less than $25.

• Easy to Clean – wipe it with soap and water regularly, no special cleaning solutions are needed.

• Time Saver – no more scrubbing and scouring the back and sides of the toilet, or underneath the bowl.

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    The Potty Protector literally saved my life! Living in a house with 5 boys is like living with a tornado. I highly recommend it for anyone that hates cleaning urine off the toilet (and floor) every week.


    I love my potty protector! Thank you guys for saving my bathroom.


    I think my husband likes it more then my son does lol. I love how clean it keeps the toilet and how easy it comes off. Everytime we have guests over someone comments on the potty protector and asks where they can get one!
    Highly Recommended.


    WHat a perfect Christmas present!!




    Finally a solution to nasty overspray in the bathroom! GREAT product and worth every penny! Definitely recommend.


    This thing is awesome! Next best thing to having a urinal in our bathroom for our boys.


    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It has saved me so much time cleaning the bathroom! Cleaning this product is simple, easy, and no hassle at all! I appreciate this product but more importantly, my kids love it! Thank you Potty Protector!


    great product for anyone who has a little boy!

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