“The day I received my first Potty Protector was the day my life…”

IMG_5900edAs the mother of 4 young boys I know all too well how disgusting a bathroom can become when boys aren’t completely focused on the “task at hand”.  I’ve tried a lot of things to prevent these messes on and around my toilets and I’ve come to the conclusion over years of frustration that boys will be boys: they’re in too much of a hurry to lift the lid, too lazy to aim, too distracted to notice pee shooting in every direction or just plain too sleepy during those nighttime visits to care about what is going on around the bowl when they have to go.  I’ve posted signs like: “PEE IN THE HOLE, NOT ON THE BOWL!”  I’ve experimented with toilet bowl targets like throwing fruit loops in the water for them to hit.  Someone told me if I made it more fun their aim would improve.  I’ve threatened to make them pee outside AND followed through on a few occasions.  I’ve even made them clean the messes themselves in an effort to increase awareness of the problem (since yelling like a mad women just wasn’t getting through to them somehow). The fact is, unless I was standing on guard at my bathroom doorway 24/7, there was no way to prevent these messes 100% of the time…or so I thought!

The day I received my first Potty Protector was the day my life as a mother of boys changed!  No longer do I wake up to urine soaked toilet seat hinges and over-spray on the nearby cabinet.  The trash can which sits between my toilet and the tub is dry…yes, they have actually peed IN the waste basket before!  I have said good-by to puddles of dried urine at the base of the toilet and a floor speckled with yellow spots from over-spray.  I think the best thing about life with my Potty Protector is the improved air quality in and around the bathROOM!  That faint but nauseating smell that shows up when we don’t clean for a few days is gone!  I love life with my potty protector so much that I have put one in ALL of our bathrooms now.

If you have any boys living with you, even if its your spouse, I dare you to try out this amazing product!  I guarantee you won’t be disappointed in your very own Potty Protector!

-Mother of 4 boys-
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“When my wife and I saw the Potty Protector we knew it was worth…”

Being the father of two young boys there has always been a lot to clean up after. When my wife and I saw the Potty Protector we knew it was worth a try. We now keep a Potty Protector in two of our three bathrooms and our kids don’t mind using it. But my wife and I really benefit from it because we don’t have to clean the toilets everyday! I don’t mind using it either. In fact, even with my skilled aim I don’t get annoying splash back anymore!

-Shane C.-
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“I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! What a great product…”

I have a 17 year old son who has down syndrome and is also severely autistic. Of course, his independence on the toilet has been a big issue for us, and something we have worked really hard at mastering. The potty protector was given to us in the early stages of development and we were asked to try it out! How I wished that I would’ve had this when my son was 2 and first potty training! As many of you know, routine is very important to kids with some forms of disability. The biggest issue for me was getting him to try something new, but he is getting more used to it and becoming more independent on the toilet! Yeah!! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me! What a great product! Thank you to the Covington’s for having a great idea and being willing to share!

-Marcy A.-
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“My son loves to use the Potty Protector. It is super easy…”

We LOVE our Potty Protector! I am thrilled to have found a product that helps keep urine in the toilet, instead of around it! My son loves to use the Potty Protector. It is super easy for him to take on and off himself. He thinks that the Potty Protector is a special gift for him, but really it is a gift for me… a clean bathroom!! Now if only I can get my husband to use one too!!!

-Laura H.-
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“Potty Protector saved my bathroom! I have two boys…”

Potty Protector saved my bathroom! I have two boys, 5 and 2, and potty training my oldest was a nightmare. He’d go during the night and spray everywhere! My sister recommended Potty Protector and it has been a game changer. No pee anywhere except inside the toilet bowl. Its easy to put on and off, and is very clean. I recommend this for anyone who has a boy to potty train, or a teenager or husband to retrain.

-Rachel T.-
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